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Top 10 Digital Forensics Technology Consulting/Service Companies in Europe – 2020

Keeping the company data and IT network safe and secure has become a constant concern for the business leaders of today. With the introduction of digitalisation, a rise in the use of a connected device and the growing sophistication of cyber attacks, keeping a constant check on the company network has become vital. With the cyberattacks evolving at such a rapid rate, the industry has come up with a need to deploy advanced tools and technologies that can engineer a big hammering attack on the cybercriminals. With regard to that, many countries are altogether imposing more stringent laws on private sector companies to have a dedicated cyber protection team (CPT). Such teams are held responsible for any suspicious activity within the networking systems.

Various market studies indicate that technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), light fidelity (Li-Fi), and machine vision are emerging as competent technologies that have a significant impact on attacks with high-profile nature. Especially, with Li-Fi’s ultra-fast and bi-directional communication technology, digital forensics data can now traverse through multiple networks at an unprecedented speed, while being completely encrypted. And, along with the human-level intelligence, AI can now allow machines the guile to understand a cyber attacker’s coming move and diagnose it beforehand.

As a multitude of these solutions is set to nurture the growth of digital forensics space, public and private sector companies need expert guidance. Keeping that in mind, Enterprise Security Magazine has compiled a list of the top 10 digital forensics consulting/service companies in Europe in 2020. We believe it will help guide the organisational leaders in harnessing the power of the technology to tackle today’s digital forensic market trends and challenges, reduce workload, and increase efficiencies. To further substantiate the digital forensics transformation, leaders from the enterprise cybersecurity domain have also penned down their insights on the package of exciting revelations happening in the field. We hope this issue of the Enterprise Security Magazine helps you build the partnership you and your firm needs to foster a technologically-driven business.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s, “Top 10 Digital Forensics Technology Consulting/Service Companies in Europe – 2020.”

    Top Digital Forensics Technology Consulting/Service Companies in Europe

  • SECUINFRA is a highly specialized IT security company that advises and assists customers in detecting, analyzing, and defending themselves against cyber attacks. Setting up and operating security operations centers (SOC) and cyber defense centers (CDC) is their core competence. For detecting cyber attacks, SECUINFRA primarily relies on Security Information & Event Management (SIEM). They will discuss with clients on what resources are needed for operating their SIEM, what tasks they want to keep in-house and where SECUINFRA can support clients either on site or remotely from their Cyber Defense Center in Germany

  • VMGroup is a global firm providing extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of digital forensics, electronic discovery, data recovery, information security, consulting, risk assurance services, compliance,IT audits, and all related arenas to their clients.The company has the capacity to forensically recover data from all devices and systems to assist IT teams and system administratorsand alsohelp in investigations. One of the notable highlights of VMGroup is its ability to step in as a reliable forensic partner that helps legal experts gatherdigital evidence, examine it, and prepare reports that could be used in courts

  • Axerta


    An investigative firm working for businesses, companies to obtain irrefutable evidences that are collected in an investigative dossier to be used in the court. The company works over a wide range of investigative activities like employee reliability, litigation, collaborator infidelity, prevention, market disruption, protection of corporate assets marking their presence. The company has their own method of investigation where they start with defining the investigative scenario, defining an investigative path, conducting field activities, controlling the investigative actions and finally preparing a report



    BIT4LAW is a company that deals with technical consultancy in the field of forensic informatics. BIT4LAW is aimed at individuals, lawyers, companies and the judicial authorities, offering their services for civil, criminal and extrajudicial matters, as well as administrative, tax, arbitration, bank arbitrator etc. BIT4LAW is able to offer services dedicated to surveillance bodies, directly involving a forensic IT consultant or offering external support, for planning and carrying out surveillance and investigation activities with specific reference to the involvement of IT systems

  • Computer Forensic

    Computer Forensic

    Computer Forensic / IT Forensics deals with securing evidence from all digital media. A computer forensic analysis is usually a presentation of the facts about data stocks on the secured media. The computer forensic scientist analyzes the evidence using special software. The reconstruction of supposedly deleted data plays an important role

  • Cyber Diligence

    Cyber Diligence

    Cyber Diligence, Inc. is comprised of highly-trained investigators who are experts in Digital Forensics and Law Enforcement Best Practices/Corruption Prevention. The company's investigative teams can deploy quickly and effectively to respond to and mitigate loss in a wide array of Information Technology-related crimes around the globe. Cyber Diligence specializes in conducting highly sensitive, covert counter-intelligence operations and internal investigations

  • Digitpol


    Digitpol is a licensed private criminal investigation agency specializing in Cyber Crime Investigation, Intelligence & Forensics. The company have advanced skills in Intelligence, Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Investigation such as Computer Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics, eDiscovery and Automotive Forensic Investigation. Digitpol provide intelligence and investigative services for government agencies, NGO and OEM's

  • Elliptic


    Elliptic empowers financial institutions and crypto businesses to confidently manage risk and meet AML regulatory compliance worldwide. With their multi currency coverage including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin and more, Elliptic is the global standard for delivering safe and trusted services in cryptocurrency

  • Phersei


    The Phersei investigative agency specializes in highly professional private and corporate investigations in Italy and abroad, for the search for certain and irrefutable evidence, thanks to the use of specialized investigators in the individual areas of intervention. The company believes that human sensitivity is a dominant value and is one of the most important factors, also for achieving success. Phersei helps customers and their companies in a performing and decisive way, to dissolve doubts and acquire certainties to find private and professional serenity

  • ZeroLynx


    Zerolynx® is a Spanish business group specialized in security, which has extensive experience in the protection of large customers, as a first line of defense against physical and logical attacks on public and private entities. Zerolynx integrates professionals with experience in the public sector, with former members of law enforcement agencies, and in the private sector, who have worked in the protection of Fortune-500, Ibex 35 and other large clients in national and international projects. This complete vision allows Zerolynx to have a deep knowledge of the current attack scenarios, having a privileged position for the effective protection of its clients and the reduction of its risk levels